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Unless First a Dream

Legacy Planning, Leadership Development & an Operating System To Make Your Dream a Reality

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World Class Transformational
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Keep it real: Successful people are successful for a reason. World Class athletes, highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners and transformational leaders all have the “It” Factor.

Sports and business provide a platform and bring out people’s competitive natures. When that platform is lost, taken away, or even given away by choice, it’s only a matter of time before it’s wanted back. Leaders who want to grow something bigger than themselves need to incorporate a high-performing team to accomplish those goals.

We want to help highly successful people establish or expand upon their legacy plan and help them continuously live out their purpose with the flexibility they deserve.  At BLU, we strive to help develop the verticals in your portfolio companies.

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What do highly successful people want?

Meaningful work
Generational wealth


A Simply Effective Operating System

The BLU GROWTHPATH™ operating system helps develop you, your high-performing teams, and your businesses. Our BLU Champions work to understand your goals and bridge the gap between their finite game (your playing days or career) and your infinite game (your life). They work with you in a safe and confidential manner to help you achieve your dreams.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries. Let’s Keep It Real: they need to realize they need to get out of their own way to let other people lead in order to grow. Part of this process is putting the right team members in place as integrators to implement the systems behind what makes the business successful.

The BLU GROWTHPATH™ Operating System is made for high performing teams and is available to the world at any time in any language. Entrepreneurs and professional athletes can manage from the beach, on the playing field and in any country, without the confines of homebase.

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About BLU

Since 1996 we have developed operational and leadership development tools to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and other leaders scale their businesses to create change. Our vision is to make this world a better place one leader at a time, and we hope to see your leadership team change the world.



EMTEQ Founded

  • EMTEQ starts out of a basement and quickly grows to first production facility.
Jerry and Jim Production


“Q” University is launched

  • Leadership development, team dynamics coaching and real issue discussions.
emteq university


Growth operating system is started

  • The establishment of single-page plans, initiatives and targets between national & worldwide sites to boost alignment



  • Co-founders Jerry Jendusa (CEO) and Jim Harasha (VP Operations) sold
Paul Schulls, Brent Jones, Jim Harasha and Jerry Jendusa


STUCK Coaching Started

  • Jerry Jendusa, Jim Harasha, and Paul Schulls start coaching Wisconsin businesses
Breakthru Coaching


Jendusa’s Get Unstuck Releases

  • STUCK Coaching’s “STUCK Breakthrough Strategies” app launches
get unstuck book


Jendusa’s take over “Mukwonago for Wishes” program

  • Youth leadership development & fundraising in support of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin


BREAKTHRU purchases STUCK Coaching

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BREAKTHRU partners with Pat Connaughton Foundation

  • Developing our next generation of leaders through Camps, Courts, Character and Community
Pat Connaughton Courts Mukwonago


BLU Launches and onboards BLU Champions from around the world

  • Legacy planning for entrepreneurs and athletes, and leadership programming for their teams through BLU HABITS™, BLU MINDSET™, BLU TEAMS and BLU GROWTHPATH™ Operating System

What Clients Are Saying...

"The finding and harvesting of talent for initiatives essentially becomes killing two birds with one stone, a business over-arching a bunch of businesses​ Sports and business both provide a platform and bring out people's competitive natures. When that feeling is lost or taken away or even given away by choice, it's only a matter of time before it's wanted back. Leaders who want to grow something bigger than themselves and incorporate a team to accomplish it."


“The BLU Leadership team has been an incredible partner in laying out the path forward for scaling our business. For the first time in 15 years in business I feel like we have real direction. We finally have tools that work and a coach to give us the nudges we need. We are grateful for the collaboration with them and our peer group, both of which are contributing to our continuous momentum!”


“Our revenue has grown by 30% and we have seen a 50% increase in our profit since we implemented the BLU advisory process and software. Their tools are easy for my leaders to understand, use, and have helped them align their staff to the plan. This has helped the business grow faster, easier, and more profitably!”


“The BLU Leadership advisory process keeps me focused on what is necessary to grow my business. It ensures my team and I regularly discuss and accomplish our key initiatives. The software platform keeps us on track and maintains our accountability. Before we implemented the process and platform, we were just like every other business and regularly got sidetracked. Since that implementation, our results have been so dramatic!”


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BLU Leadership, LLC


BLU Leadership, LLC