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Rachel brings 20+ years of leadership experience, including international sales, business development, marketing, acquisitions, and general management in the automotive, aerospace, architectural, and biosciences industry verticals. She has worked in traditional, family-owned, start-ups, publicly owned, and employee-owned businesses.

Rachel studied Interpersonal Communication & Business, and her career has been heavily focused on Leadership development in conjunction with Personal Assessment Tools for creating high-performance teams. She is drawn to high-cultured, high-growth companies seeking new market development and providing custom-engineered solutions for complex programs and partnerships.

She leads with extreme autonomy, high sociability, an extreme sense of urgency, and high creativity. Rachel has been referred to as Rogue (not always conventional) and the Dot-Connector (ability to bring everyone & everything together). One of her leadership beliefs is to lead with a servant leadership heart, not always giving others what they want but what they need to be successful and live their best lives.

Rachel is the President & CEO of Xiogenix, a Biotech Company serving the Tissue Banking and Cell & Gene Therapy industries. Xiogenix works to maximize the gift of life by developing automation equipment and consumables to optimize regenerative medicine processing.

Rachel is married and is the mother of 3 daughters (Ellie is studying genetics at Madison, Anya is in high school, and Sage is in middle school)

More about me…

From an early age, I was obsessed with self-help content. I liked it so much that I studied Interpersonal (Face-to-Face) Communication in college. I am self-aware to the point of being my worst critic and have extreme personality traits that have taken years to maximize fully. 📢 I am a work-in-progress committed to developing myself and others every day!

Fun fact: I am enduringly referred to as a 🐬for my communication, playfulness, and instinct to activate!

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